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Trends for New Homes in 2022

Trends for New Homes! The lockdown lifestyle of recent years has transformed many of our preferences and priorities, especially when it comes to home design.

New homes for sale are beginning to reflect these cultural changes. With so many trending home styles on the market, you can enjoy living in a personalized space with all the modern comforts of your day.

Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in new homes for sale, as well as trends you can incorporate into your current home:

Black Is Back

While the focus is often on warmth and natural tones in a house, black is the one exception. It adds an interesting contrast to warmer shades and can create a pop of color without using bright tones.

Expect to see black in use on doors and window frames. You might find it in some unexpected places as well, such as an accent wall or large pieces of furniture.

Nature’s Coming Inside

Much like a sunroof on a vehicle, having plenty of windows in your home allows you to connect with nature. The entire walls of modern houses are being built with windows from ceiling to floor. The design almost causes you to forget you’re inside four walls.

Skylights also enhance this feeling of being close to nature while adding more natural lighting to the entire room.

Live plants fill the corners and walls, helping the space feel natural and relaxing. You hardly have to set foot outside to enjoy nature, though current trends suggest that you’ll definitely want to.

We’re Going Outside

With people spending more time at home during the pandemic, a comfortable outdoor space became a coveted luxury. This trend is continuing as homeowners use their outdoor areas for entertaining, eating, or just relaxing.

Outdoor spaces have expanded from your typical patio lounge set to full kitchens and living areas with ovens, refrigerators, and televisions. With such a luxurious space, why would anyone feel stuck at home?

Homes Are Getting Smarter

Today’s new homes for sale are loaded with technology. All of this tech is often controlled by a single panel, making it easy to adjust settings. From this panel, you can control the thermostat, Bluetooth connectivity, and other devices.

Even security has been enhanced with cameras and video doorbells that allow you to see who is at your door and talk to them when you’re away from home.

Appliances are also smart and can easily be controlled from a central panel or your smartphone or Alexa. You can even synchronize home tech settings and information with the system built into your vehicle.

All About the Highs and Lows

In the past, the focus was on making your walls interesting with paint and artwork. Today’s homes are unique in adding interest to the ceilings and the floors.

Hardwood floors come in patterns, such as geometric shapes or natural designs. One area may even resemble a built-in rug as it contrasts the rest of the room.

The ceiling doesn’t have to be boring white. Instead, it can have a bolder color palette or patterns to draw your eye upward.

Curves, Curves Everywhere

The sharp angles of houses are now softening with curves being added to the architecture. Arched doorways and window frames contrast with the four basic walls.

Vaulted ceilings and even curved walls help to provide a distinct style to any space. The curves extend outside to entryways and porches.

Palettes of Color and Flavor

White has always been the traditional color for kitchens, especially when it comes to appliances. Today’s kitchens have not only moved away from mainstream white, but they’ve also utilized unusual color palettes.

Don’t be surprised to see bold splashes of color, offsetting grey and black wood in cabinets and island bars. No duller brown or cedar wood; today’s kitchens utilize color with visual flavor. 

Home Offices Are a Must

Instead of working at the kitchen table or fitting a desk in the bedroom, homeowners today want a dedicated space for remote office work.

New homes for sale are advertising these rooms and even staging them to appeal to those who now work from home.

Technology is also critical with more focus on Wi-Fi and charging ports to allow people to set up anywhere while also having a specific workspace.

If you regularly hold Zoom meetings or invite customers to meet with you in person, having a separate workspace within your home is a must.

Flexible Space 

While you may need a dedicated office, you might also want an area for guests or a playroom for kids. These flexible spaces offer more options with shelving and cabinets, which can be converted to whatever you need.

Since they don’t have a designated purpose, buyers are free to dream of how they would use them. Flex rooms give you more options on a limited budget.

Find the Right New Homes for Sale

It’s not always easy to find the right new homes for sale for you and your family. Working with an experienced builder can allow you to get the top items on your dream list for your house.

They can guide you to make decisions that will maximize your investment, and they can help you move into a home you will love both today and in the future.

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