How Common Is Infertility?

Infertility clinics work to eliminate the stress and complications to start couples on their parenthood journey. The doctors can examine and diagnose both parties to find out the problem.

They will consider various solutions, including hormonal and medicinal options, surgical methods, or assisted reproductive technology.

Approximately 10-15% of couples experience infertility. Men account for about one-third of infertility problems in couples.

Most couples can get help in conceiving and through the pregnancy journey with infertility clinics. New methods like ARTs or IVF play a significant role in improving the solutions in this field.

The two types of infertility include primary and secondary infertility. The difference between the two is that infertility occurs after the first pregnancy in the latter.

What Are the Causes of Infertility?

Causes of infertility mainly revolve around genetics, previous medical history, or hormonal balance. Proper diagnosis can sometimes point out the exact cause of infertility.

Men and women have different specialists that help them through their problems. Categorizing these causes in terms of gender promotes a better understanding of infertility.

Men’s primary causes include:

  • low sperm production
  • abnormal sperm function or blockages
  • Illness, injuries, and chronic health problems
  • Lifestyle choices

The causes of infertility in women include:

  • failure to ovulate
  • primary ovarian insufficiency
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • endometriosis

What Are the Symptoms of Infertility?

Visits to infertility clinics increase the chances of treating the problem. Couples who have been unsuccessful while trying to get pregnant can visit a specialist. Generally, couples should try for six months to a year before they can say they have a problem.

If the woman has regular menstrual periods but still has a problem conceiving, the doctor will investigate other causes. Some women can conceive but don’t manage to carry the pregnancy to term.

Having multiple miscarriages can indicate infertility. Ladies should make sure they see a specialist to identify the cause of the miscarriages and how it will affect future pregnancies.

People should watch out for diseases that can cause infertility, like endometriosis. Some cancer treatments can cause infertility. Taking precautions against these diseases can help one prevent or manage their effects.

What Are the Solutions to Infertility?

Doctors can recommend infertility solutions based on the causative factors and symptoms. The clinic will consider the age and health of the couple and if they have tried other solutions before.

Hormonal imbalance problems will likely have medicines to tip the hormonal scales back to normal.

Some medicines will enhance the hormonal balance to increase the chances of conceiving. Doctors may prescribe a combination of drugs for the couple to work on their problems. Antibiotics can help solve low sperm count problems caused by an infection.

Some sexual function problems may require having the patient go through behavioral counseling. This will apply to some men with premature ejaculation.

Some doctors may explore surgical treatment plans. They will use surgery to work on blockages, the presence of tumors, adhesions, or cysts. Men may have surgeries to remove any blockage in the sperm duct.

Some couples explore other methods like IVF or ARTs. These methods enable the couples to carry the pregnancy with the help of scientific methods.

The Purpose of Infertility Clinics

The success rate of these solutions in infertility clinics will depend on various factors. With proper care, advice, and support systems, couples can increase their chances of conceiving and having healthy pregnancies.

Working on preventive measures will reduce the risk involved in infertility. The doctors from these clinics can adequately guide the couple from diagnosis to aftercare.

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